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Veterinary Medicines

About this website

This website allows you to find official, up-to-date information on medicines for use in animals that are authorised anywhere in the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA), and find out in which countries a specific veterinary medicine is available.

It includes information on:

  • authorised veterinary medicines;
  • registered homeopathic veterinary medicines;
  • veterinary medicines imported from one EU / EEA country to another independently from the marketing authorisation holder.

You can also compare medicines easily using the website's compare medicines tool available via the search function.

Where medicine data comes from

The information you see on this website comes directly from the 'Union Product Database', the EU database for collecting and storing information on veterinary medicinal products authorised in the EU / EEA.

The information on each medicine is submitted to the database by the medicines regulatory authority that has authorised its use. This authority is responsible for ensuring completeness and accuracy of the information.

The responsible authority could be either:

  • the regulator for veterinary medicines in an EU Member State or EEA country (the national competent authority), if the medicine is authorised nationally for use in one or more country;
  • the European Medicines Agency (EMA), if the medicine is centrally authorised for use throughout the EU / EEA.

You can find out who the responsible authority is for each medicine on the medicine's page under 'Authorisation details'.

The website is automatically updated as soon as new or updated information is available in the database. You can track updates to this website on our what's new page.

EMA maintains this website in collaboration with the EU / EEA medicines regulatory authorities, and the European Commission.

More information:

Language policy

This website is available in all official European Union (EU) languages, as well as in Icelandic and Norwegian.

You can choose your preferred language at the top right of each page on the website.

Searching for medicines

You can search for medicines on this website using your preferred language.

This includes searching for medicines that are not authorised in a country that uses your preferred language. However, the medicine name and some other information displayed in the list of search results might appear in another language, depending on the country that authorised it.

Information on medicines

You can find key facts about all medicines on this website in your preferred language. This includes, for example, the target species, the route of administration and the pharmaceutical form.

Other information may only be available in another language. This could be English or the language(s) of the country that authorised the medicine. 

Data protection

To make this website work properly for you, we place small data files called cookies on your device. You can decide whether or not to be tracked by these cookies. You can delete the cookies at any time. For more information, see:

Medicine data and documents published on this website are processed and provided by:

  • the national competent authorities and marketing authorisation holders for medicines authorised via national procedures, in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679).
  • the European Commission and the European Medicines Agency for centrally authorised medicines, in line with the EU Data Protection Regulation (EU DPR) (Regulation (EU) 2018/1725).

Information on how EMA processes personal data is available on the EMA website:

For queries on data protection, contact


For questions on a specific medicine, please contact the marketing authorisation holder or the responsible authority. You can find out who they are on the medicine's page under 'Authorisation details'.

For technical support with this website,please use the EMA Service Desk portal.


For definitions of the main regulatory terms used on this website, please check EMA's glossary of regulatory terms. The glossary is available in English only:

Legal framework

The database underpinning this website, known as the ‘Union Product Database’, serves to implement EU pharmaceutical law in the Veterinary Medicinal Products Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2019/6). The goal of the Regulation is to:

  • increase transparency on veterinary medicinal products authorised for use in the EU / EEA;
  • support harmonisation of veterinary medicinal product information;
  • provide a reliable tool for veterinary practitioners to consider and compare available treatment options.

The EU Member States and EEA countries, the European Commission and EMA launched this website on 28 January 2022. EMA maintains this website in collaboration with the EU Member States and EEA countries, and the European Commission.

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