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Veterinary Medicines

Taberdog coleira antiparasitária para cães (raças pequenas) dimpilato 15%

  • Dimpylate

Product identification

Medicine name:
Taberdog coleira antiparasitária para cães (raças pequenas) dimpilato 15%
Active substance:
  • Dimpylate
Target species:
  • Dog
Route of administration:
  • Cutaneous use

Product details

Active substance and strength:
  • Dimpylate
    percentage protection
Pharmaceutical form:
  • Medicated collar
Withdrawal period by route of administration:
  • Cutaneous use
    • Dog
Anatomical therapeutic chemical veterinary (ATCvet) codes:
  • QP53AF03
Authorisation status:
  • Valid
Authorised in:
  • Portugal
Package description:

Additional information

Entitlement type:
  • Marketing Authorisation
Marketing authorisation holder:
  • Divasa Farmavic S.A.
Marketing authorisation date:
Manufacturing sites for batch release:
  • Divasa Farmavic S.A.
Responsible authority:
  • DGAV
Authorisation number:
  • 508/01/12NFVPT
Date of authorisation status change:


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Published on: 21/06/2023
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